Forms and Instructions

Behind the Wheel Instruction

  • What to bring to each lesson:

  • Bring your permit, payment, and mask to each lesson

  • Must be submitted at first driving lesson: 
  • Copy of Permit
  • Registration Form (print form below)

  • Must be submitted before test (by 3rd lesson):

  • Virtual Drive Certificate (if needed) or Classroom Completion of Driver's Ed 
  • Sign 180 Form in front of Mr. Krupinski or sign it front of a Notary (65 practice hours form)

Note: We'll usually meet in Front of Main office at Hanover, Dover, or Spring Grove High School on scheduled lessons.  

 Vehicle Used for Instruction: 2012 Bronze Honda Civic 

Classroom Instruction

  • Completion of 30 hours classroom (on-line) and 6 hours behind the wheel may be eligible for an INSURANCE DISCOUNT up to age 21.‚Äč

  • Completion of On-line course through "Virtual Drive" will result in a $30 discount off the 6 hours of Behind the Wheel Instruction.
  •  Spring Grove High School is the only school that offers the DE classroom portion, but students can take the "Virtual Drive" course if it doesn't fit their schedule. 
  • Hanover and Dover High School students will have to take "Virtual Drive" on line course.

Registration Form (Bring to First Driving Lesson)

  • Complete Registration form here and bring to first lesson. (If you don't have a printer, form will be provided on first day of instruction.)

  • Payment can be made by cash or check at the time of lesson (99.9%).

  • Note: If you want to mail in a payment, text or email for address at (717)515-3295 or [email protected]